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Project 2023 - 3rd & 4th June 2023


In its 14th year, PROJECT caters to youth from all over NZ 


PROJECT is a Hip Hop Crew Dance Competition for youth who have a passion for Hip Hop Dance. This event will allow young people to engage in creative expression in a supportive and positive environment that encourages participation and enjoyment. Participants may come from throughout NZ.


On Saturday 3rd June our entry- level street dance competition gives young dancers the opportunity to take the stage and experience competitive Hip Hop Dance - we will have Primary, Intermediate / Junior Novice and Secondary School / Varsity Novice divisions, as well as our Open Mega Crew Division.

On Sunday 4th June we see the open division crews at an elite level from all over NZ take to the floor; We will hold seperate Junior and Mini Crew, then Varsity and Adult shows as the crews battle it out for over $5,000 in prize money


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School / Novice Divisions Rego Form HERE
Open Divisions Rego Form HERE
Mega Crew Rego Form HERE
Mini Crew Rego Form HERE

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                            Event Director                                          UDYT Secretary

                            Sarah Martin                                            Sharon Martin


                            021 136 1514                                           021 233 3556

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