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How Your Sponsorship Will Help

The main goal of the Urban Dance Youth Trust is to provide opportunities to all young people regardless of family background or social situation. When young people are positively engaged and focused, the wider community benefits from young people who have purpose and passion.

By supporting UDYT to build a strong financial base, you will enable us to expand and strengthen our ability to offer opportunities to young people who otherwise would not be able to participate in dance or performing arts, travel or experience the camaraderie of being a part of a team whilst also gaining individual skills.

By becoming a sponsor you will get to experience first hand the impact that can be made on a young person’s life. These young people will experience success, a sense of belonging, support and responsibility.

We have 3 levels of corporate sponsorship to choose from with many opportunities for exposure for your business:

Champion (Limited to 5 Key Sponsors)
Companion (Limited to 10 sponsors)
Community (10 sponsors per crew)

For more information and to view the benefits of each option, please download the PDF below.




If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor, please contact

Sarah Martin on 021 136 1514 or to discuss further.





Individual Sponsors

If you are not a business or organisation that requires a level of exposure for your sponsorship dollar, maybe you would like to make a donation to the trust, sponsor an individual dancer for all or part of their fees or help a crew achieve their fundraising efforts to attend international competitions.

If you would like to assist the trust in this way, please contact Sarah Martin on 021 136 1514 or

All donations are 100% tax deductible as the Urban Dance Yuth Trust is a registered charitible organisation.


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