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Sarah Martin -

Principal / Creative Director

As a teenager in the Bay of Plenty, Sarah took advantage of the area’s natural elements and excelled in Swimming and Surf lifesaving. Her passion for sports took her to Waikato University to complete a conjoint degree in Sport and Leisure studies with a Secondary Teaching degree.

Coming from an extensive background of Ballet and Jazz, Sarah took up Hip Hop dance when she started teaching at Otahuhu College in South Auckland. Her first crew Phusion qualified for the Battleground Australasian Hip Hop Champs and she took these 7 Polynesian boys to Sydney where they placed 6th and picked up the people’s choice and best music mix awards. It was seeing these young people’s lives change from youth gangs to positive role modelling that secured Sarah’s enjoyment for working with at-risk youth.

Sarah’s core passion is to provide the opportunity for young people to believe in themselves. Using dance as the vehicle, Sarah is proud of the family-orientated environment Urban has achieved. Students learn important life skills through working together in crews; effective communication, time management and goal setting among them.

Sarah believes all young people need to have the opportunity to experience success; where it is not in the results given but rather the opportunities taken and the lessons learnt. Having young people believe in themselves and feel like they belong in a positive and encouraging environment is important.


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